Apprenticeships can lead to skilled and loyal workers, expert tells SMEs



A business expert has urged more small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to consider apprenticeship schemes.

Steve Beahan, a partner of Irwin Mitchell's SME group, said that the schemes can help build up a loyal and skilled workforce. He also claimed that by not offering the programmes, many small firms, such as a family business, are missing out on the chance to train workers in the skills that would suit their company.

He told "Apprenticeship schemes have had a renaissance in recent years and it is important that SMEs consider it as an option. It can be cost effective and an excellent way in which to develop a skilled and loyal workforce."

Mr Beahan also claimed that the schemes are perfect for those who are just finishing their A-levels, adding: "Demand for apprenticeship places is as high as ever and I'm sure this year many young people than ever getting their A-level results will be keen to explore opportunities within an area of business that interests them."

It was reported by yesterday (August 15) that an increasing number of top-level A-level students are shunning University, no doubt due to the rising fees of studying for a degree. The article also stated that according to the National Apprenticeship Service, there are now around 20,000 apprenticeships on offer.

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