Do I need an executive coach?

1/13/2020 posted in Getting Ahead

In a recent article we explored what Vistage chairs actually do; the coaching and mentoring they deliver to businesses and what they receive in return. In this article, we look more closely at how executive coaching by Vistage chairs could benefit you and your business - and help you decide if you need an executive coach. 

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What do executive coaches actually do?

1/8/2020 posted in Getting Ahead

An executive coach helps business owners, CEOs and high-level or high-potential employees become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results.

It’s common to confuse a coach with a consultant, but they’re very different. Consultants are like doctors. They diagnose problems, prescribe solutions and sometimes execute the solution themselves.

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Growing a business to sell: branding and marketing

12/5/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Most business owners understand the importance of marketing, but in the heat of running a business, marketing activity often takes a back seat to service delivery.

But if you want to sell your business, potential investors will shine a very bright spotlight on your processes for acquiring and retaining customers.

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Growing a business to sell? How to prevent yourself being tied in for years

12/2/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Hello, and welcome to the third article in our series on how to grow a business to sell.

In the last article, we shared some advice on how to prepare a business growth plan.

Now, it’s time to talk about you. As the founder, director, CEO or senior leader you are one of the driving forces behind your company. You are, at least in part, responsible for its successes and failures.

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Growing a business to sell: exit strategies

11/30/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

You’ve built up your business, and you’re ready to sell. But which route to market is best for you, and your business?

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Growing a business to sell: hiring the right people

11/19/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

When it comes to maximising a business’ sale price, what’s the most important factor? 

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Growing a business to sell: Getting the foundations right

11/5/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Welcome to the first of seven articles about how to grow and prepare your business for sale.

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Getting mental health right in the workplace

10/31/2019 posted in Mental Health

Getting mental health in the workplace right can be a delicate balancing act for leaders. Protecting their own mental health, while also looking after the mental health of employees – and achieving profitability goals – takes some doing. With this in mind, we consulted two mental health experts to get practical advice for leaders around strategies they can implement straight away and throughout the whole year.

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Meet Olympia London: a business winning thanks to Vistage Chair tutelage

10/30/2019 posted in Vistage

Here at Vistage, we’re incredibly proud to hear how being part of a Vistage group has helped our members to achieve great things. One such member is Anna Golden, commercial director at Olympia London.

The London-based exhibition venue is over 130 years old, having been founded in 1886. Formerly part of a bigger group of venues, the business responsible for running the venue has gone through a vast amount of change over recent years: including being sold to German investors in 2017. 

With so much change and reporting to overseas owners who have very little day-to-day contact with the business, Anna felt that she needed some support outside of Olympia London.

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How to write a business growth plan for acquisition

10/29/2019 posted in Getting Ahead

If you are growing a business with the intention of selling, then you are in the right place.

The first article in this series discussed how to get the foundations right.

Now, we consider how to prepare a growth plan that transforms your business into an asset that’s attractive to investors.

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