Vistage Members July 1, 2010

Beat the pros

PMW Communications MD Peter Sutton, a Vistage member recently collaborated with local school Tanbridge House School on some interactive work experience. Three students spent a week with Peter's Sussex based marketing agency learning about all the aspects of marketing. The students worked hard on an advertising campaign for their school.  In the last two days of their work experience  Peter challenged the students by asking them to make a pressentation on their marketing concept to all the staff at PMW.

Peter said: " Matt, Luke and Jo astonished me with their creative idea they called 'Beat the Pros'. It involved students taking on the profesionals to see how the quality of their work compared to the professionals work.  For example, holding an art event where accomplished artists work would be mixed in with that of students and seeing if judges could tell the difference.

Another surprise was sprung on the students when they went to present their stunning audio visual presentation in the PMW corporate boardroom when their headmaster Mr White appeared. Said Mr White " This was one of the best student presentations I have ever seen in all my years as a teacher and I am truly impressed with the ideas and presentation skills that the students have developed over the past week.  I liked their ideas so much that I am even considering introducing some of them into the school."

It's a great example of working with local schools to really give students in the area the chance to experience business in practical terms and their enthusiasm is fantastic to see. We hope to hear more about Vistage members working with their local communities.

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