Expert outlines leadership tactics during 'tough times'



One leadership management expert has outlined three different ways that leaders can build their credibility during tough business conditions.

Writing for, leadership specialist Ted Coine concedes that leading is difficult but it is not intent that proves to be a stumbling block - it is a "lack of awareness of the key issues or lack of skill to lead well".

In order to start prospering in austerity, leaders need to ensure that people in the organisation understand "what winning looks like" by connecting employees to the business vision.

"A good leader tells the story of the business, looks for avenues to have organisational conversations, invests in managers so they understand how to translate the strategy for their people, and ensures that everyone recognises how they contribute to winning," he said.

In addition, good leaders should ensure their authority does not come from their positions but from a sense of trust and stewardship for the organisation, adds Coine.

Finally, adept leaders should attempt to create ownership and enable collaboration across the whole organisation. Doine believes the overall goal should be to ensure that "everyone feels responsible for the whole as much as they own their piece", cites

"This is how effective leaders can be best in class when it comes to creating better, more successful and more trusted organisations," he concluded.

Topics: Leading, Not Managing