Leading, Not Managing April 12, 2013

Make communication a priority, urges leadership expert


Leaders must make communication a priority if they're to help themselves and their staff evolve as professionals.

This is the view of Vick Vaishnavi, CEO of identity and access management firm Aveska, who used his latest post at forbes.com to stress how imperative communication is to the modern day workforce.

He claims communication is a two-way street and leaders must understand it's up to them to inform employees of their expectations, while always being willing to listen to the concerns of those who speak up.

Mr Vaishnavi claims a good leader is an approachable one who shows genuine concern to the issues facing employees. Not only this, he'd much rather work in a place where employees feel comfortable enough to front questions rather than a place where workers often fail due to a lack of direction.

On this topic and cited by decapost.com, he urged leaders not to follow the "I'm watching you" model. "Instead, provide a minimally invasive, guiding directive to make sure your employees are working efficiently," he advised.  

Part of giving a meaningful direction also includes having faith in employees, as Mr Vaishnavi highlights that some workers may need more direction than others. However, by paying special attention to the staff that need guidance without creating favourites, leaders can help employees surpass their targets and prosper.  

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