Vistage Open Days February 26, 2010

The well organised sales campaign - the open day

Please watch our video of the Vistage Open Day at the Barn, Berkeley where members, guests and colleagues enjoyed the morning with Charles Bernard on his valuable session ' the well organised sales campaign' . We hope the tools learnt were implemented straight away and are making a difference to our members sales processes. Any comments on the video let us know, don't forget about our other Vistage Open Days coming up soon including

On the 5th March in Edinburgh we  have Roger Martin Fagg - 'The Economy - will it be a V or W shaped recovery', to find out more and to register  click here

On the 19th March in Wigan we have Dale Williams - 'Lean Thinking',  to find out more and to register click here

On the 16th April in Newport we have Roger Martin-Fagg - 'Strategy - Your value proposition', to find out more and to register click here

We also welcome international speaker Kraig Kramers, who will be hosting 3 Vistage Open Days on the 26th, 27th and 28th April on the Professional CEO's toolkit, to find out more and to register for Leeds on the 26th  Birmingham on the 27th and London on the 28th follow the links.

More details of upcoming Vistage Open Days to follow, make sure you keep up to date with those on the blog, twitter, facebook and Linkedin where all the details are posted

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