Vistage Open Days March 10, 2010

Vistage Open Day - the economy with Roger Martin-Fagg

Vistage  recently hosted a very successful open day at the Merchants’ Hall in Edinburgh.

Gary Weston, Chairman of Group 19, introduced the speaker Roger Martin-Fagg. One of the most popular Vistage speakers, Roger’s talk was named How Does the Economy Work and What Causes a Recession?

They are two big and complex questions which Roger deftly explained with wit and verve. Injecting both humour and clarity into Gross Domestic Product forecasts is not the easiest of tasks but Roger’s engaging delivery ensured that even the most complicated of economic theories was easily digestible.

Perhaps the most pressing question for most of the people in attendance was ‘What stage of the recession are we in?’ Roger’s sobering prediction is that the current recession is unlikely to end before 2012 and that we then face several years in which small improvements in the economy will be countered by mini dips. The underlying trend is that the economy will grow but at a slow rate.

Roger’s message might not have been the most optimistic but its stark assessment should help Vistage members shape their strategy for the next few years.

As well as potential new members, those in attendance included Vistage members such as Sandra Birrell of McKinnon and Clarke; George Finlayson of Portakabin Scotland and Andy Lothian CEO of The Insights Group. They were joined by alumni such as Jim Lambert of J. Wilson Power Tools and Graham Wallace of the Filmhouse.

Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage International (UK), attended the event along with Chairmen Gary Weston and Alastair Muir.

Watch the video for a taste of the day and visit to find out more about our upcoming Vistage Open Days for 2010.

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