June 18, 2013

Business need to consider wellbeing of employees more, say experts

Business experts have claimed that employers need to seriously consider the wellbeing of their workers.

It comes as research from global health company Vielife found that workers who suffer from poor health are less effective in the workplace. The data, which questioned 40,000 European workers, found that over 50 per cent of employees suffer from symptoms such as sleep deprivation, poor diet and lack of physical exercise.

The data also discovered that those who had a poor diet were 15 per cent less effective than those who ate well. Workers who get a good night's sleep also had higher work effectiveness levels than those who don't. The individuals who led the study now say more employers should offer workplace wellness schemes to help employees realise how their lifestyle is impacting their work.

Tony Massey, medical director of Vielife, told wsandb.co.uk"These worrying statistics illustrate that employers really need to recognise the impact an employee's health can have on the workplace, especially in the light of issues like the ageing workforce and economic pressure."

He added: "However, the good news is that workplace wellness strategies can help employees better understand the impact certain lifestyle choices can have on their ability to work effectively and offer them guidance in how to deal with factors such as stress more effectively."

A study carried out by HR firm Towers Watson, which was published last month, also stressed the important of health and wellbeing schemes, according to cipd.co.ukThe 'Heath, Wellbeing and Productivity' survey found 31 per cent of businesses plan to introduce wellbeing schemes over the next year.

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