July 31, 2013

Campaign launches to help more disabled people into the workplace

The government has launched a campaign that is hoping to help more disabled people into the workplace, according to bdaily.co.uk.

Ministers want to get businesses to change their recruitment policies after research showed that many employers’ attitudes are negative towards disabled people. These chances would include offering internships and training to young disabled people to try and help them find jobs.

The news comes after the government announced that 27 Remploy factories, which provide employment opportunities for disabled people, were to close.

The initiative was unveiled at a disability employment conference. Talking about the campaign, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that the scheme wasn’t just about doing what was morally right, but was also so that businesses could succeed in prospering in austerity by hiring disabled workers.

He told bbc.co.uk: “This isn’t just about doing what is right for disabled people. Employing disabled people makes business sense too.”

Cameron added: “We need to break the myth about the complexities of employing disabled people or to put it more simply – to give employers confidence.”

As part of the scheme, both the disabled people and the employers involved will be guided by expert career coaches to give them advice on the issue.

According to statistics, there are nearly seven million disabled people of working age in the UK.

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