June 18, 2013

CEOs could benefit from strong social media presence

Chief executive officers (CEOs) should maintain a strong presence on social media websites, it has been claimed.

In a poll administered by PR firm Weber Shandwick, 76 per cent of global executives said they would like to see their CEO posting content on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Many of those questioned said that if their CEO had a strong social media presence it would help to improve their company's reputation, achieve better business results and boost engagement with their employees.

In an interview with prnewswire.com, Weber Shandwick's chief reputation strategist, Leslie Gaines-Ross, suggested it could also improve the view that employees have of their boss.

He explained: "CEOs are now expected to be chief content providers for their companies. Social media is not only an efficient and engaging way to relay information but is also linked in executives' minds with bring a better leader."  

According to prdaily.com, three-quarters of executives agreed that social media was important for putting a face to their company's brand. The same amount said it was one of the best ways for a CEO to communicate with their employees.

Although more than half of the survey's respondents agreed that it could be "risky" for CEOs to post on social media, it was predicted that there would be a 50 per cent increase in "social CEOs" over the next five years. 

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