June 18, 2013

Encourage creativity in work domain, advises psychologist

One of the UK's leading psychologists has suggested that creativity in the workplace is 'critical' to businesses that are looking to survive and thrive.        

Ros Taylor, cited by freshbusinessthinking.com, believes that firms looking to stifle ideas and innovation are doing it all wrong. In fact, it is vital that UK businesses foster a creative environment in order to stay afloat. 

In her study of 1,000 working people in the UK, many of those surveyed suggested the workplace was not a space for creativity. Even if employees came up with ideas at work, this was not seen as 'creative', cites onrec.com.

However senior executives currently navigating through uncertainty may want to consider that creativity is the precursor to innovation, according to Taylor.

Furthermore, any employee at any step of the business hierarchy - "whether you're a designer or a HR director" - can be creative in any domain.

Commenting on the study, Taylor said: "Innovation can transform a business into an adaptive and evolving entity, yet only 25 per cent of employees in the UK are actively given time to come up with new ideas in the workplace.

"If there were ever a time that we require to do things differently and have ideas it is now," she added.

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