Vistage Members October 28, 2010

EnviroVent MD discusses the benefits of Vistage

Watch our latest member testimonial from Nick Heaton, MD of Envirovent.  Envirovent are an award winning Harrogate based company dedicated to the quality of indoor air. Their philosophy is for manufacturing sustainable products that will last for life and use minimal energy. They are dedicated to the protection of the environment, local sourcing, creating and sustaining employment in the UK. Not a single product  leaves their Harrogate factory unless it has been tested and approved to last the lifetime of the building it will be ventilating.

Nick Heaton has been a member of Peter Chambers' group V24 for nearly three years and his Vistage membership is also supported by membership of his key staff in the Key Executive Programme. To find out how Vistage supports Nick and Envirovent take a look at the testimonial. If you want to learn more about how Vistage can help you and your business visit our website

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