Expert details various leadership types


Effective entrepreneurs and new hires have a number of character traits that they know how to exploit in the workplace.

That's according to leadership expert Martin Zwilling, writing for, who has outlined a number of typical traits that can be found in leaders across the globe.

He claims that 'helpers' are considerate and the most 'sensitive and caring' of the leadership types. These leaders tend to make excellent mentors and coach but also require to be presented with a degree of respect and admiration.

Zwilling also outlined another leader, the 'entertainer', who helps to gain the respect of others with drive, determination, hard work and the ability to win people over - which could help businesses navigating through uncertainty.

However, the 'entertainer' style of leadership does come with a few caveats.

"...They can become fixated with appearing successful, showing more style than substance, or undermine themselves by exaggeration, inflating their importance, or trying to win or one-up all the time," explained Zwilling, cited by

Furthermore, 'activist' leaders tend to be proficient in lifting the spirits of team members and managers but tend to be 'impulsive' and select 'quantity over quality'.

"Improvement efforts would include listening to more people, thinking about details and learning to say no," added Zwilling.