Get employees to buy into a firm's vision, advises expert


Astute leaders should be getting employees to buy into the company's vision in a bid to increase engagement and productivity.

That's the advice handed out by Peter Austin, managing director of London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL), who believes the key to keeping staff engaged is to 'personally involve them in the organisation' and drive home a vision at the start of their employment, reports

LOROL takes engagement and drive extremely seriously as evidenced by the firm's annual employee engagement results, which highlighted an overall engagement score of 91 per cent.

The overall score included 'an understanding of how they contribute to company goals' and 'know what the company wants to achieve in the next 12 months', with 96 per cent and 87 per cent of those surveyed expressing such characteristics, reports

Leaders currently navigating through uncertainty may wish to start honing their company's vision in a bid to increase engagement in the workplace.

Austin said: "There were many employees who were here before we were formed and so have seen the transition happen and have been on the entire journey with us. And new people can see themselves coming into an organisation and culture where they can make a difference.

"I believe our employees have bought into our vision, which has helped improve personal and company performance," he added.