June 18, 2013

Good leaders don't play it safe, claims expert

Good leadership goes a long way towards solving problems, providing guidance, navigating through uncertainty, cultivating growth and more.

That's according to workplace expert Glenn Llopis, writing for forbes.com, who added that leaders are not hired to monitor situations, play it safe or 'keep quiet when things get complicated'.

In order to determine the quality of a team leader, Llopis has outlined a number of characteristics which leaders can use to evaluate the strength of a company's leadership team.

Lloris suggests that real leaders have strong backbones and are not afraid to confront and solve problems, cites bullfax.com.

"They speak up and are courageous enough to tackle any tension points head-on," he added.

However, leaders that are seen to play it safe can be seen as risk adverse; they would rather sit back and follow the status quo.

On the other hand, attributes of a great leader include having their own distinct style, approach and personal brand. These great leaders create original content and stand out from the crowd for being authentic.

Additionally, Lloris suggests that a leader is more of a follower when they don't share their momentum with others.

"It's obvious when someone of looking for recognition rather than respect," he said. "They focus more on getting the credit for an idea, strategy or approach instead of sharing credit with their colleagues."

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