October 1, 2019

[Report] Innovating for Growth

A guide to approaching innovation for small and medium size businesses.

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Rapidly changing markets — fueled by fierce competition, changing customer requirements, accelerating technological advancements and an uncertain economy — have left MDs with two choices for their business: innovate and grow, or stick with the status quo and face the threat of becoming obsolete.

High-growth companies are 37% more likely to rely on radical innovations than no-growth companies. 74% of companies depend on incremental innovation more than they depend on radical innovation. MDs of small and midsize businesses report that “lack of time” is their #1 barrier to innovation.


Download to learn:

  • How to leverage different types of innovation, from incremental to radical
  • Strategies to overcome common barriers to innovation
  • Ways to optimise innovation practices across all areas of your organisation

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