June 18, 2013

Long-term thinking essential to leader development, claims expert

Always having a long-term view of the company's direction can aid a manager's transition to a leader.

This is claimed by Pauline Ng, a workplace innovation expert who used her latest post at thestar.com to explain the key differences between managers and leaders, also revealing what it takes to become a respected figure among company employees.

She stated that while managers dedicate most of their time to tasks like setting targets and recording progress, leaders are more focused on ensuring their business is set up well for the long term -  monitoring the wellbeing of their employees and challenging the status quo.

Ms Ng said during their leadership training managers should try to look to the future and consider the macro factors that could affect the business.

Speaking of leaders that have an eye on the long term, she said: "Their broader view of the situation also gives them an added advantage when dealing with obstacles as they are able to see beyond the immediate issue and make more informed decisions."

Cited by yahoo.comMs Ng said managers should look to shake off their habit of only concentrating on the day-to-day running of their operation, as a lack of foresight could limit their ability to make key decisions.

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