August 16, 2013

Small business owners working 63 per cent longer than the average worker


A new study shows that those who own small businesses are working longer hours than the average Briton.

According to, the study commissioned by Penelope, a call handling solutions company, found that the average micro-business owner works 52 hours a week.

The study of 2,000 small businesses showed that those in the construction industry work the hardest, with the average owner putting in 62 hours a week.

Those working in the capital are more likely to be putting in the hours too, with business owners in London working a 61-hour week compared to Scottish entrepreneurs, who only put in 46 hours.

Penelope's study seems to highlight that many small business owners might be thinking "I'm struggling to run my business". As a result, they are putting in over-time to make sure they make enough money - 64 per cent of respondents said they'd rather have more money than time, reports

Co-founder of Penelope, Ed Reeves, said: "Many micro-business owners are both time and cash-strapped, they need to make the most of every day because the amount of time being squeezed into the working week is enormous.

"However, it's possible to own a small company and have a healthy work-life balance, with all the reassurance that they're not missing out on valuable business opportunities."

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