July 31, 2013

UK workers experiencing satisfaction and security in their jobs, claims study

The majority of UK workers are much more satisfied and secure in their jobs now than they were at the start of the year.

That’s according to a new study by Reed, cited by hrmagazine.co.uk, which surveyed 1,500 employees and employers to determine levels of optimism among UK workers.

Positive moods among workers are most pronounced in London, the South East and Scotland, where confidence levels in the strength of their local economy – along with job security – are through the roof.

This research could prove to be pleasing for the CEO of southern and Scottish businesses, especially if increased job satisfaction leads to a rise in productivity and motivation, or lower staff turnover.

In terms of levels of workers, job security is most keenly felt by middle managers (77 per cent) and senior managers (80 per cent) – figures which Tom Lovell, group managing director at Reed, claims is “encouraging” due to this group’s grasp on the health of their organisation.

He commented further on the study to economicvoice.com: “It is encouraging to see this continued upward trend in confidence and satisfaction since the start of the year.

“The mood of the workforce is set from the top, so we may see an even more optimistic outlook in the coming months as this attitude filters through UK businesses,” he added.

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