Vistage Case Study: Sustainable Growth and Effective Leadership at Euro Projects Recruitment



Stephen Brown launched Euro Projects Recruitment more than 20 years ago, with the business subsequently evolving into a specialist recruitment firm focused on engineers, management staff and technical experts. Euro Projects grew rapidly, but eventually seemed to hit a plateau. “Like a lot of businesses, we found it difficult to take the company to the next step,” Stephen recalls.

Five years ago, Stephen joined Vistage, the peer group mentoring and coaching  organisation that puts business leaders together to share and resolve common problems and challenges. “Vistage has really helped us put in place a structure that gives us what we need to grow sustainably over the next 20 years,” Stephen says. “The benefits have been felt at every level in the company in our efficiencies, our culture and how we run.”

The results have been impressive – in terms of both top-line revenues and talent management. Growth in 2015 reached double-digit figures, staff engagement is up, employee turnover has fallen below 3% and absenteeism now stands at an all-time low. “A really important part of what Vistage has helped us achieve is the ability to put in place people who can take on the mantle of running our business while we think about where it will go next,” Stephen concludes.

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