Speakers November 24, 2009

Vistage Speaker Awards


Vistage’s Annual Speaker Awards Dinner was held at the Macdonald Botley Park Hotel Golf & Country Club on Wednesday 28th October 2009. The Awards proudly went to the following Speakers for all their hard work and dedication to Vistage. Awards included; Best Newcomer Award, 10 year Award, Outperformers Award, Above & Beyond Award, Long-term Achievement Awards, Star Speaker Award and Speaker of the Year Award.

Best Newcomer Award – Exceptional commitment and success in joining the Vistage speaker network during their first 12 months.

Winner - Ed Charvet. Ed co founded Trovus in January 2007, Trovus has developed a workshop format to help educate and share many of its insights with business leaders, teaching clients how to extract value from the web.

10 Year Award – The speaker who has spoken for Vistage for over 10 years and has consistently received an average score of 85% or higher both for content and delivery.

Winner - Glen Daley. Glen’s mission is to help organisations to develop their managers’ leadership skills and to assist them in the understanding and adoption of the principles of sustainable change and continuous process improvement.

Outperformers Award – Consistently receives scores higher than 90% for content and delivery and has delivered more than 10 sessions in a year.

Winners – Internet consultant Guy Levine, leadership expert Paul Bridle, personal developer Marcus Child, negotiator Malcolm Smith, economist Roger Martin-Fagg, lean thinking strategist Dale Williams and change manager Glen Daley.

Above & Beyond Award – To recognise a speaker who goes beyond the call of duty to support Vistage, such as filling in for last-minute cancellations and providing Chair, speaker and member referrals to help strengthen the Vistage programmes

Winners- Marcus Child (Personal Power), Dale Williams (Lean Thinking), Roger Martin-Fagg (Economic Update).

Long-term Achievement Award – This is the highest honour bestowed upon a long-time high-performing Vistage speaker who has consistently scored 85% or higher for both content and delivery by Chairs and members. This person continually exceeds the expectations of the entire Vistage community.  The speaker provides tremendous value to members and promotes the Vistage name in a positive way by being an enthusiastic supporter of the Vistage mission in word and deed.

Winner - Roger Martin-Fagg. Roger is an Economist turned Strategist, who delivers bespoke Senior Management Development programmes for a wide range of companies and has been speaking at Vistage for 19 years.

Star Speaker Award - The speaker is voted by the Chairmen for commitment and most value provided by the speaker to the members.

Winner - Marcus Child. Through novel and participative workshops which engage head, heart and hand, his work nurtures and invigorates resourcefulness in individuals, positivity between colleagues and trust between organisations and their customers.

Speaker of the Year – The Speaker of the Year is the one individual with highest average scores for the calendar year. The person must have conducted at least 8 presentations during the calendar year.  He or she imbues Vistage’s values and services as a strong role model for other speakers.

Winner - Glen Daley. Glen is a competent and experienced speaker and trainer. He is comfortable and effective with both small and large groups whether as a motivator or when asked to present recommendations to the main board. A lively and energetic speaker (finding it hard to stand still) Glen is a qualified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as a fully qualified Financial Planning Practitioner through the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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