June 18, 2013

Women need to work on their technology skills to succeed in the workplace, says expert

A business expert has claimed women need to build up their technology skills if they want to get ahead in the workplace.

Barbara Kasumu, co-founder of youth employment charity Elevation Networks, claimed that today's industry is calling out for technology skills and that females who want to climb their way up the career ladder should take this into account.

Ms Kasumu told telegraph.co.uk"The internet economy accounts for 8 per cent of GDP. More women should be working towards acquiring much sought-after tech skills, whether as budding entrepreneurs or tech pioneers. So; coding, app, website design, STEM subjects."

The business expert's comment came as part of a guide designed by The Telegraph which gives women tips on how to get ahead at work. A whole host of other top leading business women also gave tips in the guide, including Heather Jackson, chief executive of The Women's Business Forum. She advised businesswomen to listen and take on constructive criticism as it can help organisation skills.

Louisa Hogarty, head of HR at travel catering firm Select Service Partners also said that females in the workplace should try and surprise people by taking on unexpected projects and tasks, whilst Liz Bingham, partner at accountancy firm Ernst & Young claimed that building a strong support network can be extremely beneficial to professional women's careers.

The guide could be useful to women, after it was reported just last month by thomsons.com that male corporate culture in the biggest barrier to women in the workplace. The research, from executive search firm Harvey Nash, found a quarter of those surveyed feel like women have been inhibited in the workplace by a male-dominated culture.

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