Uncategorized February 28, 2012

43 per cent of line managers are considered ineffective, says report

Nearly half of managers believe they are not getting the required standard of work from their line managers.

That's according to a report released today by the Chartered Management Institute, who attempted to find a link between organisation performance and management abilities.

Only 39 per cent of managers in low performing businesses deemed their line manager to be effective compared to a massive 80 per cent in high performing organisations, which could prompt managers of the former to indulge in leadership training.

That's because management and leadership development activities can lead to "increases of up to 32 per cent in people performance" and 23 per cent in overall organisational performance, claims the study.

Christopher Kinsella, active chief executive for CMI commented on the report to Press Association: "This report contains good and bad news for managers. The bad news is that a culture of bad management continues to damage UK Plc. But the good news is that those organisations who have got things right stand a much greater chance of being a high performance organisation.

"What's more, it's within an organisation's own power to make that change - by investing in management and leadership development wisely, you can make a real measurable difference," he added.

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