Employers are from Mars, Young people are from Venus?

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Check your cyber locks

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Mega Trends

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VQ- The Future of Business Finance

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Tweeting for jobs

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Clocking on vs. remote working

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Survey finds SMEs performance hit hard by stress

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Small business owners are being urged to address any issues that negatively impact employees to prevent any long-term issues, freshbusinessthinking.com reports.

While most businesses are navigating through uncertainty at the present time, a new survey has revealed that workplace stress is affecting small businesses particularly hard.

A survey carried out by Zurich questioned 500 SME decision-makers and discovered that almost a third had experienced problems which were impacting performance. Forty-two per cent said that stress had had a 'noticeable impact on business' and a fifth reported increased absence levels.

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Eight things not to say when you hear a new idea

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Manage like Motorhead

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From black swans to freakonomics via the SUMO guy, many business books have an eye-grabbing central motif designed to bring alive the author’s central idea. Fair enough, few people want to read stereotypical management speak when more colourful analogies can be used to electrify the reader’s imagination.

Having been a teenage heavy metal fan and still retaining a soft spot for old war horses such as AC/DC and Motorhead, this writer was delighted to hear of Heavy Metal Management – a guide to business management using the methods employed by many hard rock and metal bands. It is written by Pär-Jörgen Pärson and Hans-Olov Öberg who, as well as being veteran rock fans, have also worked for Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, Folksam Asset Management, Spotify and McKinsey & Co

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Family businesses need more recognition, claims expert

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