Refresh Your Business Thinking with our 5 Most Watched Videos of 2013


At Vistage we have an incredible opportunity to learn from a selection of the world's leading expert business speakers at our regional events accross the UK & Ireland.

Luckily for you we've created this comprehensive list of our most popular, practical and inspirational videos for MDs, CEOs, executives and business leaders. And, they are perfectly formed (less than 15 minutes so you can slot them into your coffee break).

Absorb some great practical tips that you can use in your business.

Get answers and take action now.

1. What to be Mindful of and How "Fierce Conversations" Help your Business- Susan Scott

Our most watched video of 2013 comes from international best-selling author and leadership development architect Susan Scott. Here she shares her top three tips about what business leaders should be mindful of and why.

2.  Coaching Companies to Greater Sales and Profits- Jack Daly

Identify the key things that every CEO or MD needs to do to ensure business growth through sales success. WARNING: Jack Daly may change the way you think about sales management.

3.Communication is King- Nigel Risner

3 key tips that show you how business owners can become better communicators and why great leadership has everything to do with effective communciation. Learn to engage your staff and drive performance now.

4. Executing your Vision and Getting Results- Jim Alampi

As Jim Collins said in Built to Last, "Great performance is about 1% vision and 99% alignment," so the secret isn't having some unique or phenomenal vision. It's how you execute it that really gets results. 

 5. Alignment in your Business- Marcus Child

As a business leader, you need to create a sense of unity, common purpose and destination that your employees can align to within the business - it's a game changer. 

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