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Leading, Not Managing

August 26, 2022

A survival guide for first-time CEOs

Becoming a first-time CEO is an exciting new challenge. But it can also be daunting. As the highest-ranking executive at your business, you’ll have the..

February 19, 2016

5 IT Security Questions Every MD Needs to be Asking Their Team

One business trend that is guaranteed to gain traction in 2016 is data security – with the recent spate of cyber attacks on high-profile targets such as..

November 6, 2015

Staff Motivation 101: Mastering Your Management Techniques

You will often find yourself juggling so many jobs that you have to become dependent on your team - and while their support is undoubtedly integral to the..

October 30, 2015

The Real Magic of Engaging Your People

Ask a business leader what managing people means to them and they’ll undoubtedly use words like payroll, employment legislation and record keeping. Some will..

July 31, 2015

Marketing for CEOs and the 4 Not-so-Great Expectations!

It never ceases to surprise us when CEOs confide that they don’t have stellar expectations of what marketing can do for their business. “Sure it can make a..

February 4, 2015

Leadership Tips: Why the Brain Resists Change

Whether it’s going to the gym three times a week, eating more healthily, improving customer service or introducing a new IT system, change is hard. While there..

November 14, 2014

How to Be a Great Leader with Lessons from David Marquet

Being a smart leader is good, but the key to great leadership is empowering your people. Simon Sinek shares the powerful story of naval submarine Captain David..

November 6, 2014

7 Smart Ways to Encourage Better Decision Making in Your Business

Making better decisions is not just the responsibility of the CEO it’s also a necessity for every member of your team. High performing teams work because they..
Leading, Not Managing

October 15, 2014

Nothing is as Enjoyable as Telling Someone Else How to Run Their Business!

Some 23 years ago a simple request from my wife literally changed my life. She telephoned me at my office, where I ran my business consultancy and asked me to..

October 3, 2014

Why Business Leaders Need to Put on Their Oxygen Mask First!

How many of you have flown in the last couple of years on a plane? No doubt you’re familiar with the safety announcement. It always says, "If there's a drop in..
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