Why is sleep like Popeye’s spinach for CEOs?

7/17/2014 posted in Work/Life Balance Issues, Being a new CEO, Time Management

The average person in the UK gets 6.5 hours sleep each night [source: BBC]. This stat probably doesn’t surprise you. When a deadline is looming and the pressure is on, it can be tempting to cut an hour or two from your sleep to carry on working.

On top of this is the impression that many top executives survive on a bare minimum amount of sleep. In a typical workweek Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer is reported to sleep 4-6 hours a night, while Donald Trump gets by on just 3-4 hours [source: Business Insider].

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The Secret Science of Staff Motivation

5/16/2014 posted in Leading, Not Managing, Being a new CEO

In our businesses, we create incentive systems with targets and goals, we may even offer bonuses and in this sense we as leaders, try to direct our employees behaviour. But, did you know that inside the human body there are 4 chemical incentives that work the same way- if not better, and will explain why so many “incentives” don’t and simply can’t work.

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9 Habits of Highly Motivational Business Leaders

3/17/2014 posted in Leading, Not Managing, Work/Life Balance Issues, Being a new CEO

Motivation is the key to effective leadership within your organisation. As a business leader it is your capacity to lead or drive change that really makes all the difference to what is possible. You must remember that motivation is a catalyst for action, marked with enthusiasm and interest.

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Forget Business as Usual, MDs Need to Rediscover Their 'Why'

2/27/2014 posted in Business, Getting Ahead, Being a new CEO

Working with CEOs and managing directors of fast-growing businesses, I am asked (in one form or another), “How can you help us to grow?” I am not sure if this is the right question, for a whole series of reasons.

It is easy as a business adviser to ask the question, “Where do you want to be in three years’ time?” In practice, the answer is a little abstract for most, but it does give you an idea of the desired business trajectory. 

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Refresh Your Business Thinking with our 5 Most Watched Videos of 2013

1/20/2014 posted in Vistage Open Days, Business, Speakers, Leading, Not Managing, Being a new CEO

At Vistage we have an incredible opportunity to learn from a selection of the world's leading expert business speakers at our regional events accross the UK & Ireland.

Luckily for you we've created this comprehensive list of our most popular, practical and inspirational videos for MDs, CEOs, executives and business leaders. And, they are perfectly formed (less than 15 minutes so you can slot them into your coffee break).

Absorb some great practical tips that you can use in your business.

Get answers and take action now.

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6 Bad Leadership Habits that CEOs & MDs should Break

11/21/2013 posted in Being a new CEO

In high pressure roles mistakes can be easy to make and the consequences are often wider and more costly than others. When CEOs and MDs make mistakes it is often down to bad leadership habits, but the good news is these can be broken. 

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How CEO’s with “Price Obsession” Kill Company Growth

10/18/2013 posted in Business, Being a new CEO

It’s always troubling when sales and marketing executives speak about “price” as the only decision driver for customers. What’s even more troubling – and a cautionary tale – is when talk like this comes from a CEO.

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Women put family before the boardroom, says female entrepreneur

3/19/2013 posted in Being a new CEO

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