Being a new CEO November 21, 2013

6 Bad Leadership Habits that CEOs & MDs should Break


In high pressure roles mistakes can be easy to make and the consequences are often wider and more costly than others. When CEOs and MDs make mistakes it is often down to bad leadership habits, but the good news is these can be broken. 

The first step is to acknowledge that these habits exist and only then will you be able to make the changes that you require. Take a look at the list below and get started now:

  1. You are not the captain of your own ship. 
    Issues arise when you become unclear of your own purpose. You are there to drive the company forward, not manage the day to day. Take some time out of the business to ensure that you have a clear picture of what you need to do to lead your business into the future.

  2. You focus too much on the numbers.
    Do not obsess over numbers, this will distract from what is really important; the customer and their needs. If you get the basics right the numbers should naturally follow suit.

  3. You don’t take responsibility for your own actions.
    If you want your employees to take responsibility for their own actions, you have to take responsibility for yours. If you don't, this it will impact your credibility as a business leader and will hamper your ability to inspire your employees. 

  4. You ignore the importance of company culture.
    It is a fact - positive company culture drives results. If your company does not feel like a good place to work, how can you change it?  Sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference.

  5. You’re too afraid to make a decision.
    Find a place where you be open and honest about your fears and talk about your issues with others that understand your problems. You will discover what is causing your problems and by opening up honestly you will feel more confident when thinking about your next steps.

  6. You are too smart to learn from others. 
    Feeling confident about your abilities is a great thing, but do you really think that you have all the answers? If you had the opportunity to learn from others experiences wouldn't you grab it? Vistage speaker AmyK Hutchens suggests that you shoud drive ownership thinking within your company to ensure business growth. You can use socratic questioning techniques to allow some of your best and brightest to share their insights and drive new ideas.

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