Uncategorized April 17, 2012

A quarter of workers don't take lunch


New research shows that almost a quarter of British workers do not leave their desk for a decent lunch break, netdoctor.co.uk reports.

All good leadership coaching courses should cover  the most effective ways to boost employee engagement and productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance; taking a lunch break is one such easy technique.

However, 22.4 per cent of those questioned by Amibus, the workplace environment consultancy, said they never leave their desks, with a third of all respondents claiming to feel more stressed now than compared with the same time last year.

Taking a break is essential for employees' well-being, particularly at a time when levels of work-related stress have reportedly doubled since the early 1990s, figures from the Health and Safety Executive confirm.

The survey results are a worry, says Ambius international technical director, Kenneth Freeman. He asserts that getting some fresh air is good for body and mind. He also suggests that connecting with nature is an innate need, so having somewhere 'green' to go for lunch is even more beneficial.

"Everyone needs to take a break away from their desk at least once a day," Mr Freeman told HR Magazine. "At the same time, bosses have a responsibility to encourage staff to take lunch breaks and are given the opportunity to connect with nature - even if it's just some pot plants in the office.

"It may seem counter-intuitive at a time when businesses are under so much pressure but the pay off has been proven in terms of engagement and productivity."

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