Uncategorized March 27, 2012

Average director salary revealed

Just under half of company directors are happy with their salary, according to a new study of 1,000 directors across the UK.

The study, undertaken by recruitment and talent firm Wickland Westcott, also highlighted that 8 per cent believe their salary is actually far too high for their role and they are "overpaid".

The illuminating figures, giving a true insight into the world of British boardrooms, claim that bosses earn on average of £76,717 a year but only take three quarters of their annual leave and tend to work most weekends, cites HR Magazine.

However, those working in law and design may find a bit of disparity with the average figures. According to the study, the average law boss appears be prospering in austerity as their average salary totals up to £122,500 while design bosses earn a mere £25,000.

It gets even better if you're the boss of a major bank as The Telegraph suggests Santander's UK chief executive was paid £4 million in 2011.

Colin Mercer, Managing Director at Wickland Westcott, commented on the figures: "Anybody who is in, or wants to be in, a position of leadership and authority in a business environment will know that there is no substitute for hard work.

"Dedicated graft is the back bone of business and this is reflected in our study, many bosses work long hours and often have to put business before other things in life but the majority feel they can do this and maintain what they consider to be a happy work/life balance," he added.

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