Uncategorized February 22, 2012

BHF calls for bosses to promote health and fitness


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has launched a 'Health at Work' programme for employers, to help them 'get their staff fit and healthy', Fresh Business Thinking reports.

This is after a survey carried out by the BHF - published in conjunction with National Heart Month - found that while two-thirds of employees believe their employer is concerned about staff well-being, more could be done to promote it at work.

This is because the BHF feels many workers are experiencing a "toxic combination" of unhealthy eating, little exercise and stress. This could negatively impact upon their work, so by taking an interest in creating a healthy workforce, employers could find themselves prospering in austerity - given that healthy workers are less stressed, take fewer sick days and are more productive.

The Health at Work programme is a free guide for employers; helping to inspire a workforce to achieve health, well-being and improved fitness levels. Currently, a tenth of office workers fail to get any regular exercise, so it is hoped the programme might motivate individuals to be more active.

"This National Heart Month we're calling on bosses of Britain to help get their employees fit and healthy," the BHF's project manager, Lisa Purcell, told  The Grapevine Magazine. "When it comes to thinking about your health, your heart is the best place to start and a few small changes can make a huge difference."

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