Uncategorized April 30, 2012

BI is key for effective staff appraisals

Possessing adequate business intelligence (bi) about staff is key for a successful employee assessment, trainingzone.co.uk writes.

That's the opinion of industry expert Mary Clarke of appraisal solution firm Cognisco. She asserts that employee appraisals can be used to improve both performance and productivity while contributing to an increase in a business's overall competitive advantage; something that could really help those struggling running a family business.

Clarke asserts that obtaining information pertaining to an appraisee's skills and knowledge can far more effectively assist a manager in assessing progress, while helping the employee achieve their career goals. She emphasises it is important for managers not to view appraisals simply "as a tool to measure performance", which in turn would help break down employees' resistance to the appraisal system.

Carrying out appraisals more regularly than once a year and implementing ways to measure metrics, such as setting objectives, can immediately make them a far more valuable, engaging experience for both parties. Additionally, equipping employees with facts about their own performance can be used to justify promotion or salary increase requests, Clarke told hrreview.co.uk.

Also, she highlighted that workforce BI will highlight any skills gaps or training needs necessary for company growth, plus better indicate recruitment requirements. This could lead to easier identification of top talent and improved succession planning.

"There are undoubtedly benefits for employees and employers when it comes to assessments," Clarke concludes, "Companies need to communicate the career enhancing benefits of assessments. Only then will [they] be accepted as being part and parcel of an organisational culture - embraced by individuals rather than feared."

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