Aristotle can help improve communication in leaders


Communicating effectively has been cited as key trait for would-be leaders, according to consultant Scott Edinger, writing for

Edinger believes that budding leaders looking for inspiration could turn to ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle for some leadership development tips, as he identified three key elements - ethos, pathos and logo, according to - which could be important for improving communication.

Edinger cites the first element, ethos, as a factor in building business relationships. Ethos is 'essentially your credibility' and helps to give people reason to believe 'what you're saying'.

'In some cases, ethos comes merely from your rank within an organisation,' mused Edinger. 'More commonly, though, today's leaders build ethos most effectively by demonstrating technical expertise in a specific area...and by displaying strong levels of integrity and character.'

Pathos involves making an emotional connection with workers, as well as giving people undivided attention, helping with career development and taking pride in an organisation's progress. Edinger believes that pathos has the 'greatest influence' on people's perception of their leader's effectiveness.

Finally, logos involves explaining rationale in clear and compelling terms. Many employees need convincing when it comes to big business decisions and logos helps employ strengths in 'strategic thinking'.

'Effective leaders know the effort and time spent making explicit the connections they're drawing from the data to the analysis to their conclusion are well worth it,' adds Edinger.

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