Uncategorized July 19, 2012

Bosses consider work-from-home solutions

Government authorities are looking to take the biggest steps possible to ensure London's city transport network does not get overcrowded during the Olympic Games.

As a result, the government is urging London-based firms to think about letting their employees work from home during the timeframe of the Games, spanning from July 27th- August 12th

Research suggests that one-third of firms in the capital will encourage flexible working the Games, while some managers plan to completely avoid heading to meetings due to overcrowding and transport delays.

Furthermore, home workers are also 20 per cent more productive, according to the research. In addition, there is also a reduced rate of absenteeism and improved staff retention, which could help businesses navigating through austerity to remain stable.

Chris Papa, managing director at cloud computing firm Qubic, commented on the need for remote working: "Remote working is one way of working flexibly, which in turn can ensure a 'better work-life balance', especially for those with children.

"Cloud computing technology has empowered employers and businesses to equip their staff with all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively outside of an office environment," he added.

Papa's comments come after he claimed that small-to-medium sized businesses can lead Britain's recovery, reports ihotdesk.com.

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