Uncategorized October 11, 2012

Business owners show little faith in MPs

Business owners tend to have little confidence in MPs' ability to represent their best interests in government, according to a new poll.

In a survey of 2,000 UK business owners, undertaken by Mindmetre Research, almost two-thirds admitted they didn't feel they could depend on help from MPs.

Many admitted they would go to sources other than their MP in order to solve broad business issues in their local constituency.

Speaking to bmmagazine.co.uk, Mindmetre Research's managing director, Paul Lindsell, agreed the government isn't doing enough to help businesses navigating through uncertainty.

He said: "We were really taken aback by the massive lack of business confidence in MPs shown in this study, especially when cross-party support is needed for sensible and effective strategies for boosting the fortunes of British business.

"The key focus at the moment should be getting UK plc back on its feet, not political in-fighting, and this report starkly emphasises how parliamentarians may simply not be paying enough attention to the issue."

According to smallbusiness.co.uk, the survey's respondents showed slightly more faith in receiving advice from trade unions or local small business associations. The report also noted that only 25 per cent of MPs come from a small business background.

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