Uncategorized September 6, 2012

Companies need to see value in healthy employees


The benefits of having fit and healthy employees need to be recognised by firms when they consider work/life balance issues, it has been noted.

Claudine Kapel, principal of consultancy at Kapel and Associates, wrote on hrreporter.com that the concept will remain an "urban legend" rather than a reality until employers see how it helps to boost the company as a whole when staff are healthy.

She said: "The challenge for some organisations may be that they fear promoting work/life balance could undermine the drive for performance and productivity, or perhaps even the ability to remain fully staffed. If every sick employee stayed at home, who would serve the customers?"

Among the issues that need to be addressed by work/life balance policies are flexible working arrangements, sick leave, restrictions on working hours and doing employment-related activities while officially on holiday - although managing such topics could require additional leadership training.

Things often become more complicated when children are involved - and not just for the parents. An article on nytimes.com highlighted how those with kids can find it easier to have their lifestyle accommodated by their employers, while others are left to pick up any slack.

It is by no means always the case, but reporter Hannah Seligson pointed out that the problem has become seemingly more pronounced during the challenging trading environment seen around the world in the past few years.

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