Company chairmen back female board representation club


Over 50 company chairman have signed up to a scheme designed to improve the number of women on boards, reports

The 30 per cent Club, which the aforementioned chairmen have signed up for, aims to bring more women onto UK corporate boards.

Bringing more women onto boards provides a better balance and positively influences both a 'company's culture and the decision-making process', cites

Senior board members, including those in the CEO role, have recognised this benefit; as the number of women on FTSE 100 boards currently stands at 16.7 per cent.

Theresa May, home secretary and minister for Women and Equalities, praised the chairmen; also hailing the 30 per cent Club for hitting the half century milestone. While May conceded there is still a long way to go with the campaign, she said it was 'heartening' to see companies embracing change. "I'm delighted to help the 30 per cent Club celebrate this significant milestone. The fact that over 50 chairmen are now supporting this initiative shows that diversity in the boardroom is increasingly becoming a mainstream idea," she said.

"More women on a company's board is not just good for society; it's also good for that company's bottom line. An ever-growing number of businesses are realising this and - voluntarily - taking action."

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