Uncategorized August 17, 2012

Experts cites common leadership flaws

A bad leader is defined not by the things that they do, but by the things they do not do.

That's according to hbr.org writers Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman who, by using results from an experiment, were able to discover a number of fatal flaws that contribute to a leader's failure - which should certainly be heeded by those struggling running a  business.

The two writers believe that a failure to inspire and the acceptance of mediocrity over excellence are two massive characteristics in a poor leader.

"Again and again failed leaders were described by their colleagues as unenthusiastic and passive. This was in fact the most noticeable of all their failings," they said, cited by njuice.com. "The poorest leaders did not stretch goals, inadvertently encouraging mediocre performance by letting people coast along doing less work, less well than their counterparts working for better managers."

Other flaws include an inability to collaborate and be a team player, failure to 'walk the talk', a failure to improve and an inability to lead change or innovation, the authors claim.

"Saying one thing and doing another is the fastest way to lose the trust of all your colleagues. The worst offenders here also pose a wider threat as dangerous role models - creating the risk that their organisations will degenerate if others behave as they do," they added.

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