Flexible working essential, claims Age UK


Flexible working should be a staple in every UK business, according to a new Age UK report.

Reported by freshbusinessthinking.com, the firm's 'A Means to Many Ends' report suggests that flexible working is an important tool to unleash the 'full potential' of many of Britain's older workers.

Being able to work from home, enjoy flexitime or simply being able to swap shifts is something that appeals to many employees, according to the report, and may help a family business prosper during tough economic times.

As a result, it could also help older people use their years of experience to contribute to the economy, 'extend their working lives' and encourage employers to think how the practice could help improve their own business.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK's charity director general, commented on the trend to ageuk.org.uk: "With their skills and knowledge, older workers are an invaluable asset to the UK economy. Yet, far too many people aged 50 and over are locked out of the job market because they are unable to work conventional hours, often because they have to care for a relative or have health issues.

"In these tough economic when the UK needs to make the most of its resources, it is just common sense for the Government and employers to embrace flexible working," she added.

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