Greater emphasis on business innovation is required



Businesses need to put greater emphasis on innovation within their operations if their company is going to overcome major obstacles facing the world, according to a group of experts. reported that non-profit sustainable development body Forum for the Future have just released a guide on the topic and David Bent, who operates the organisation's Sustainable Business Model Group, noted that it is all about protecting good ideas.

In his view, firms who want to succeed in spite of issues like population growth, climate change and resource constraints need to build "transformative innovation" into their culture - as this will help businesses move forward when navigating through uncertainty.

He said: "Sustainability issues are already affecting businesses, and their impact will only increase. We know that disruptive innovation is needed to help us address the major issues we are facing in a world constrained by its resources - and we know big companies struggle with how to do it."

According to, the group is already working with a number of large firms to help them build innovation into their management structures, with Mr Bent claiming that many organisations know they need to go further when it comes to this area.

The sustainability expert suggested that companies need to generally become less reliant on energy and try to help consumers live more sustainable lives with their products.

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