Green Fuels Wins Insider Made In The South West Award


Green Fuels, a world leading manufacturer of biodiesel production equipment, was last night awarded the honour of Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year at the inaugural Made in the South West Awards run by Insider Media Ltd.  This award highlights the fact that world class products manufactured in the South West are at the forefront of the global renewable energy industry.

Vistage member James Hygate, CEO of Green Fuels, said, “It’s encouraging to have awards that champion the sector and a great honour to win. Manufacturing is essential to restoring the UK economy. With exports accounting for 90% of our business, we bring a lot of foreign income to the UK and enhance the country’s reputation for quality manufacture.”

Green Fuels has customers throughout the world in countries such as Australia, Indonesia, China, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, South Africa, the UAE and the USA. In every case the equipment installed is helping those countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and recycle waste.

The equipment is designed and built in Gloucestershire and Green Fuels keeps environmental sustainability at its core, from running all of its own vehicles on biodiesel to sourcing many components locally. The company seeks out and works with a number of South West businesses, including fabricators and controls specialists, to provide locally manufactured world class products.

Internationally popular because they are designed as flexible, shrink-wrapped modules, these biodiesel processors allow producers to go to market within 3 months, many times faster than previous generations of biodiesel technology. A Green Fuels processor can be housed in a 40-foot container, run on a small, community scale in remote locations using readily available feedstock’s, and can be remotely managed and maintained via 24-hour online diagnosis.

“We set ourselves the goal of changing biodiesel production from a high cost, expensive-to-run, feedstock-intensive and cumbersome operation, to a community scale modular operation that can be easily deployed to both the feedstock source and the users,” said Hygate. The company has just introduced a 3,000 litre a day processor, making its range even more agile.

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel produced from oil or fat and is much more sustainable than fossil fuel, especially when made from used cooking oil. It is used to replace unsustainable and expensive fossil diesel for energy generation and transportation. Biodiesel has significantly lower emissions when compared to fossil diesel; every litre used as a replacement for fossil diesel mitigates 2,691 g/litre of C02.

Green Fuels currently has an installed base producing approximately 1 million litres of biodiesel every day, therefore offsetting around 2,700 tonnes of C02 daily. Its customers divert approximately 900 tonnes of waste daily, improve transport efficiency and keep used cooking oil out of the food chain, landfill and waterways.

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