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Leaders need to make an emotional connection, claims expert


Leaders need to show they can make an emotional connection with their team or other colleagues.

That's according to leadership expert Scott Edinger, writing for hbr.org. He highlighted how his old colleague, Chris, was a fantastic leader due to the connection he made with his team.

Leaders need to be giving their undivided attention to a team query, just like Chris, explains Edinger.

"When I feel overloaded in the midst of ringing phones, e-mails by the hundreds, and a gazillion other things to do, I'll sometimes think about how Chris unfailingly engaged with people in this way, and the energy he brought to and created in those interactions as a result," he said.

"He made us want to do more because we didn't want to let him down."

In addition, moods can be contagious. For example, if a CEO is in a negative emotional state, then so will the colleagues around that person. Edinger explains that while we 'all have our bad days', leaders don't need to multiply the ill effects on other workers.

Finally, a leader has to be exactly that - a leader; someone who stands out in front and takes the bull by the horns.

"...If you're a leader, you simply have to develop the ability to reach out to others, engage them in discussion and actively provide feedback. You're the one who has to be out in front, taking the lead in developing these relationships," he added, cited by open-business-innovation-eng.blogspot.co.uk.

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