Uncategorized January 24, 2013

Leadership development keeps HR departments 'awake at night', claims survey

While business leaders and HR share the same business priorities, the areas tend to differ on how these goals should be achieved.

That's the conclusion drawn up in a report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), titled 'HR Outlook: A variety of leader perspectives', which found an alignment between what HR and leaders consider to be the top five business priorities.

While cost management was cited as their top business priority, HR said they were more likely to worry about longer-term people issues when it comes to keeping them 'awake at night', reports peoplemanagement.co.uk.

This was especially prevalent in the areas of leadership development (41 per cent of HR respondents versus 18 per cent of business leaders) and talent development in line with future skills need (27 per cent HR versus 18 per cent business leaders), cites workplacelaw.net.

The report states: "It appears that HR is focused not just on what needs to be in place now, in a time of belt-tightening and frugality, but what the organisation needs to face future scenarios.

"For example, HR is looking at leadership development and considering whether they have the capabilities needed for the workplace of the future as organisations will require different skill sets than have been needed before," it added.

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