Management attitudes of female workers surveyed


Around one third of female employees prefer to work under the guidance of a male boss, compared with six per cent wanting to work for a female manager.

That's according to brand new statistics by reported by, which surveyed 800 female workers regarding their viewpoint on managers.

According to the survey, female workers prefer a male boss thanks to a number of perceived factors: less office politics; more relaxed working conditions and an improved focus on goals and objectives.

In addition, 27 per cent would prefer a manager their own age, while only nine per cent would be comfortable with a manager younger than them.

However, 85 per cent of those surveyed admitted they would love to be in a position of management in their career, cites This could give give CEOs reason to consider leadership development courses for female executives who aspire to be in management in the future.

An officebroker spokesperson commented on the figures: "It is very interesting to find that women would rather have a male boss given the choice. A staggeringly small amount of women said they would prefer a female boss, which is a particularly interesting finding.

"An increasing number of women are holding senior positions in companies, so the impact this will have on office dynamics is going to be a fascinating phenomenon to observe in the future," added the spokesperson.

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