Put some effort into online pictures, says CEO


The chief executive of a technology start-up has urged fellow business leaders to put some effort into the pictures they upload to the internet.

Speaking to ft.com, Azurati head Ronan Lavelle pointed out that casual images on professional networks such as LinkedIn can create a poor impression, when the CEO of a firm needs to convey a professional and low-risk persona to anyone coming across their profile.

In his opinion, it is possible to go too far in the other direction and make the picture look over-stylised, which he suggested is popular among corporate firms in the US.

Mr Lavelle remarked: "In business nowadays, with social connections, Skype and other tools that make use of your visual identity, it is important to have a proper picture. A lot of people use inappropriate pictures and these can give the wrong impression."


As well as social networks like LinkedIn, CEOs may also put their pictures on a company website if they have a section on senior staff; however, images could appear on other promotional material too.

On Linked In, the firm has this month recognised the value of pictures and altered its system to allow brand pages to feature an image, reported marketingland.com. The network has also altered the system so that it is easier for a firm to showcase their products.

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