Reaching volunteer target means SMEs could soon have mentors


A government-backed mentoring scheme for small businesses has reached its recruitment goal of 15,000 mentors who, it is hoped, could help small businesses succeed, writes.

Those struggling running a family business, starting a new endeavour or trying to grow a small company might be pleased to hear that the government's mentoring project has reached its goal of 15,000 mentors, each of whom have now received the necessary training.

Delivered by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) in conjunction with the British Bankers' Association's mentoring portal, SMEs will be able to access advice from cross-industry experts. The 15,000 recruits will join 12,000 existing mentors to provide bespoke guidance based on their own experiences via

A series of 'Meet a Mentor' schemes will now be held by SFEDI to put business owners in touch with mentors, starting at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on 15 February.

Commenting on the milestone, SFEDI executive chair, Ruth Lowbridge told "Over the past year, SFEDI has trained volunteers in every corner of the UK.

"These are dedicated individuals who have generously agreed to share their hard earned business experiences with others in order to support their success thus contributing to the economic activity and wealth of the UK."

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