Uncategorized November 1, 2012

Self-confidence key to getting ahead in the workplace, research reveals

New research has revealed that self-confidence is key when getting ahead in the workplace.

According to the research, which was conducted by the University of Melbourne, those that believed in themselves throughout their lives received promotions quicker and were on higher salaries.

The study saw researchers quiz 100 professional staff from large companies as well as conducting a pilot study.

Previous studies have suggested that height and good looks help people in getting ahead and navigating through uncertainty in the workplace.

However Dr Rez Hasmath, from the learning institute, told bps.org.uk that the results had changed things. He said: "We now know it's actually higher confidence levels - which may be a by-product of attractiveness and height - which makes all the difference."

He also said that the research indicates that managers should look for a self-confident individual in the recruitment selection process.

The researchers said that children should be encouraged to take part in confidence-building activities from an early age, based on the research.

As well as confidence issues, it was also claimed last week that youngsters weren't being given enough opportunities in the workplace. According to theparliament.com, chairmain of Microsoft Europe, Jan Muehlfeit, said many young people lack the skills and training that the labour market today demands.

He suggested schemes such as business mentoring to solve the problem.

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