Small business owners relying on partners to pitch in


More than half of Britain's small business owners rely on their partners to help run their company, according to a new poll.

A survey by Direct Line for Business has revealed that 51 per cent of these bosses employ their partner in some shape or form, essentially turning their company into a family business.

However, almost a third (31 per cent) don't pay their other half a wage, suggesting that many are pitching in to help their partner steer their business through the recession.

According to, 19 per cent of those questioned employed their partner as a receptionist, 14 per cent as a legal or finance assistant and eight per cent deploy their other half in a sales/marketing role.

Most of these individuals worked for their partner on a part-time basis, with the average time spent in the workplace adding up to about two days a week.

Commenting on the statistics, Direct Line for Business' head, Jazz Gakhal, claimed it was encouraging to see so many partners pitching to help those struggling to run their business.

Speaking to, he said: "Small businesses are crucial in re-energising the UK economy. It is therefore, heartening to see partners working together to help sustain these small companies despite not being fully financially compensated and in many cases not paid at all."

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