Uncategorized February 5, 2013

Technology good for business but bad for work-life balance, survey finds


Small business owners are embracing modern technology, but many find it difficult to 'switch off', smallbusiness.co.uk reports.

A survey by insurer Hiscox found that while adoption of technology - mobile devices in particular - in the workplace has been 'mastered' by most SME owners, almost two-fifths claim it's having a detrimental impact on their personal life.

The survey discovered that 61 per cent of respondents recognise modern technology as important for navigating through uncertainty and thus keep up-to-date with it. Just 14 per cent said they did not do so.

A quarter of those polled said that they felt compelled to adopt technology to compete and therefore make associated investments whenever they can. Nearly 60 per cent said they had plans to buy new equipment or upgrade existing machinery in the near future.

That said, 38 per cent also admitted to finding it hard to switch off when it comes to their business and that technology had allowed work to become intrusive on their personal lives. According to bmmagazine.co.uk, 64 per cent of respondents said that they had answered work-related emails or taken calls when it was not appropriate, citing examples of when at the cinema, at a museum or on the train.

Commenting on the survey, Hiscox small business insurance expert Alan Thomas said: "As SMEs seek to keep their business running at all times, the option to clock off at 5pm is fast diminishing and being 'switched on' is becoming a normal way of life.

"Thanks to the reliance on and access to technology, small businesses have become masters of technology but slaves to their work and it's no surprise they are leading a lifestyle where they are 'always on'."

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