UK firms keen to highlight ethics, reveals Deloitte


Major firms in the UK wish to embed a culture where ethical behaviour is cemented 'across everything they do', according to a poll of brand owners by Deloitte.

Cited by the study, titled 'A Path to Integration', suggests a massive 90 per cent of UK firms want to see a 'cultural shift' when it comes to compliance with formal regulations.

It appears that the will to 'do the right thing' rather than 'doing what they must' is a progressively important ethical standpoint for a family business, a private enterprise or a large corporation residing in the UK.

This new standpoint mainly focuses around privacy and data protection, with 60 per cent of polled enterprises seeking to pursue a more 'integrated strategy' in these areas.

Tim Archer, a partner at Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services practice, commented on the figures to "Overall the companies surveyed believed they are effective in complying with specific regulations, but they see the biggest challenge as creating an integrated approach to compliance.

"Such an approach is characterised by an organisation whose employees are driven to comply by values - "the right reasons" - rather than rules - "must do it" and is supported by frameworks that allow their organisations to ensure compliance whilst managing its cost," he added.

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